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In this section you will find the most common questions we’ve encountered along the years working in this industry.


What is Florida Connexion role?

Florida Connexion’s goal is to have a clear understanding of your criteria and expectations when it comes to your investment, whether it be the purchase of a residential, commercial, industrial, or rural property; or the acquisition of a business. This will allow us to present you with opportunities that completely fit your profile.

Is there any advantage for the buyer to negotiate directly with the property builder?

No, because in this case, the commission is paid entirely to the construction company sales representative. In addition, the buyer loses the benefit of having an expert in the local market. Therefore, once you are satisfied with the chosen professional, it is unnecessary, nor recommended, to look for other brokers in one transaction. No. If the buyer negotiated directly with the property builder the sales commission is paid entirely to the construction company’s sales representative. The buyer also loses the benefit of receiving advice from an expert in the local market. Once you have found a real estate agent that satisfies your needs, it is unnecessary and not recommended to look for other brokers.

How is the division of the commission among brokers representing the buyer and the seller?

The commission is shared equally between the buyer’s and the seller’s broker.

Who pays the sales commission?

Usually, except for commercial business or pre-established negotiations, the seller of the property is responsible for paying the commission, making the buying process more effective for both parties. When it comes to selling a newly constructed property, the construction company is responsible for the payment.


Are there taxes on rental revenue?

We advise our clients to seek legal and tax advice prior to the purchase or the lease of a property. We have many partners in this area who can answer questions from our customers.

Does the Homeowners Association have to approve a potential tenant?

Yes, after the owner’s approval, the following documents should be sent to the Association for verification and approval: an application form, criminal record check and credit history of the potential tenant.

Can the owner rent their property as many times as they want in a year?

It depends. If the property is not part of a condominium, it is possible to rent it seasonally if the property is furnished. If it is in a gated community, one must respect the Homeowner’s Association. Often these associations establish the minimum duration of the rent, which can be.

How much do you have to pay to the real estate company to rent a property?

The amount to be paid is equivalent to one month’s rent. The broker hired lists the property in the common system to brokers. This amount will be divided equally between the broker of the owner and the broker of the tenant.

If the owner does not reside in the US, how can they manage the property?

Some real estate companies offer a management service, prices varying between $100 and 10% of the monthly rent. The services included are payment of bills (HOA fees, power, property tax, bank financing installments, etc.), transferring rent to owner’s bank account, and management services such as gardening, cleaning, maintenance, etc. The companies specialized in this type of service are called Property Management Companies. Florida Connexion offers this service to you through one of our partner companies, Welcome Home Property Management.

Who is responsible for the payment of the HOA (Homeowners’ Association) fees and property tax, when the property is rented?

In Florida, the owner pays the condo fees and the property tax, and is responsible for the maintenance of appliances such as fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer and air conditioning.


What about opening bank accounts, starting a business, contacting accountants and lawyers?

Florida Connexion will you “connect” with all professionals involved in the process of buying or selling your property through its network of specialized partners, and will accompany you in each of the steps. You will need to open a checking account at a local bank. The required documents are your passport and a proof of address in your country, as well as an initial deposit between $ 25 and $ 50. We will also put you in touch with accountants and lawyers, who will clarify and answer your questions about income tax, the differences between purchasing a property as an individual or an entity; the best options for every situation. If you are interested in immigrating to the United States, you will also receive information on how to obtain a Green Card, and EB5.

What are the advantages of buying an off-plan property?

Off-plan properties have more attractive prices because the buyer is helping finance the development. However, the construction companies increase property prices during the construction, as often as once a month or more, depending on demand. Another advantage is that you can choose the layout of the floor plan and the finishing works.

For new builds, is it possible to finance directly with the construction company?

Yes, but generally, the property is paid in full during the construction period, usually 2 to 3 years, in Miami and the region. In the Orlando area, there are loan programs offered for 30 years.

Are there lines of credit to foreigners?

Property financing for foreigners is available in some banking institutions depending on the type of property, its value, and its location. Florida Connexion can refer you to the appropriate financial institution, and can help you as a mediator if you desire. Each institution has different programs and policies, but usually, the conditions are as follows:

1) down payment of 30% to 50%, the balance being financed for up to 30 years with interest, currently between 4.5% and 6% per year;

2) the applicant must be approved by the bank; not all properties qualify for financing.


How do I transfer the funds to the US?

The transfer of funds for the purchase of a property should be done within the rules of the Central Bank of your country. The applicant must be approved by the Central Bank to transfer the funds to his/her overseas account. No tax is due when you transfer the money, neither to the United States nor to other country. You can also use companies specialized in money transfer instead of your own banking institution.. We usually refer our clients to Moneycorp, a company specialized in this type of transfer that has been in business since 1979. They offer first-class service to each of our client. They are fast, efficient, and have customer service in Florida, with zero transfer fee for amounts over USD 10,000. You can contact them via email: CFXBrazil@Moneycorp.com

What are the costs involved for the buyer?

The cost of a real estate transaction varies depending on several factors. It is the sum of fees charged by the title company services (equivalent to our registry office) or law firm, plus taxes due, registration fees, property insurance, condo fees, fees charged by the financial institution (regarding financing), fees for document processing. These added costs are on average between 2% and 3% of the purchase price, if the payment is in cash, and between 5% and 7% in the case of financing.

How much is the property tax?

The property tax is approximately 2% of the property’s appraised value. The property tax is calculated based on only 70% of the actual value of the property, due to a law that was passed after the housing market crisis.

Are there other costs involved in buying a property?

Yes, in the case of buying in cash, the additional costs represent approximately 3% of the property value. In the case of a financed property, the additional costs represent approximately 5% of the property value, depending on the type of the financing and the financing rates.

Is the price negotiable on resale properties?

Yes, you can make an offer with a lower value than the asking price. It is up to the seller whether to accept this offer or not.

Is the price negotiable in the case of an off-plan real estate?

In the event of direct sale with the builder, the margin for negotiation is very small or non-existent.

Are properties currently being sold below cost price due to the housing market crisis?

Yes, the housing market crisis has caused properties to be sold below cost. However, in some places like South Beach, Brickell and Sunny Isles, prices have begun to rise back to the market value since 2010, due to the demand from international buyers.


What is the definition of condo-hotels?

These are flat apartments located in a hotel development where the owner of the unit places it in the hotel’s pool so that it can be rented.

What happens in the event of death of the property owner?

The house ownership is transferred to their heir(s). There is a transfer tax to be paid, if the owner is an individual. For this reason, we advise our clients to consult a lawyer before buying a property. In many cases, may be best to buy a property on behalf of a legal entity registered in Florida. Thus, the heirs would be partners of the company and the succession would be automatic, without additional costs.

Are there taxes on profitable sales of real estate by foreigners?

Yes, that is why we advise our clients to seek legal and tax advice before buying a property. We have many partners in this area, who can clarify any questions you might have.


What are condo-hotels?

Condo-hotels are flat-type apartments located in a hotel development. The flat’s owner places the property in a “pool” of condo-hotels available to be rented.

Are there restrictions as to when an owner can stay at their property?

Yes. This will depend on the rules established by the administrator. Some companies have pre-determined “blackout” periods, when the owner cannot stay at their property. This is usually during the high season, which in Florida runs from January to March.

For whom is this type of real estate appropriate?

This type of property is intended for an investor who does not want to be involved in the administration of their property. The company responsible for the property administration issues a monthly statement with the daily rate, occupancy, the administration fee and the amount due to the owner. The balance amount is deposited in the owner’s bank account.


What is Florida Connexion’s mission?

Florida Connexion is committed to giving you a personalized service, in accordance with the laws governing real estate transactions, and advising you throughout the purchase process: searching and choosing a property, answering your questions, letting you know about the construction work of your property and introducing you to any specialized professionals who is part of this process. We also monitor your financial investment, assisting in all stages: opening bank accounts, visiting accountants and lawyers, tax lawyers, immigration agents, professional translators. We also offer general services such as general maintenance and cleaning. We defend your interests in every way. The rate of our services is unique and fixed, just $395 per transaction. This administration fee covers the processing and storage for the period required by law. This fee is paid by you, the customer, on the closing day of your property purchase. This is the only amount you will pay for our advice and professional knowledge in real estate

Who will manage the property?

Florida Connexion provides administrative services for your property through our partner company Welcome Home Property Management.

They can be reached in Florida at: +1 (407) 278-1314 and in Brazil at: +55.11.2391.1524, or by email info@welcomehomemgt.com.

If your property is a short term rental, we have other specialized partners that can help you.

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