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Why Florida Connexion?

Florida Connexion is a Florida based real estate business that caters primarily to international investors who are looking to purchase properties or relocate to the Sunshine State. The company also serves the local market of the state of Florida.

We have a strong presence in Central Florida and South Florida, recently expanding into other major urban areas of the state, like Sarasota, Tampa and vicinities.

Our mission is to offer our customers exceptional service and personalized representation of international class for all of their real estate needs.

Florida Connexion service approach is boutique-like, focused on the uniqueness of each deal, unlike the cookie cutter approach of franchises and big corporations. Its agents and staff are culturally sensitive and of international class, with the ability to speak and conduct business in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The business believes in offering a personalized and face-to-face approach with local and international customers outside of the United States.

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