What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Orlando? Is it theme parks and a bunch of tourists wearing flip flops and SPF 50+?

If that’s the case, then you, like most people, don’t know the other side of Orlando. And that’s okay! I ever thought like you; Unaware of the other side of town and skeptical of the fact that there might be more than just the Disney fireworks going off in Orlando.

The reality is that once you look beyond the obvious, the beautiful city is full of exciting opportunities, incredible business initiatives, and plenty of alternatives that fuel the economy through tourism that brings 62 million visitors to the city each year. Central Florida So if you are still thinking about investing in Orlando, I’d like to share a few facts to help you in your decision-making process:

1. Orlando is the second fastest growing city within the metropolitan cities in the entire United States (this is according to Forbes).

2. The real estate market in the greater Orlando area is booming. Inventory levels remain low despite high levels of new construction. That is, the demand is greater than the supply.

3. Because inventory levels cannot keep up with demand, home prices continue to rise.

4. Job growth, payroll, economic output and unemployment are expected to be more favorable in Orlando than in the rest of Central Florida.

5. Interest rates are still low.

6. New neighborhoods in the surrounding areas are being built from scratch. There are many incredible opportunities to get there early and take advantage of great prices and double-digit appreciation rates.

7. Affordability continues to fuel the rental market by making investment properties high income and reducing the risks associated with long vacant periods. There has never been a better time to rent.

If you are thinking of investing or buying a home in the beautiful city, we would love to speak with you. At Florida Connexion Properties we focus exclusively on helping foreign investors with the entire real estate and business investment process.