This Place In Florida Was Named One Of 2022’s Most Fun Cities In The US & It Outranked Miami

It’s no secret Florida is a widely popular vacation destination, especially during the winter season. When most people think of coming to the Sunshine State, they think of Miami, but really there are so many great things to do in Orlando and America agrees.

Wallethub conducted a study ranking “2022’s Most Fun Cities In America” and the Central city takes second place. In fact, it outranked Miami, which still placed in the top three. Las Vegas, NV, took the crown for first place.

The data compared over 180 cities in the U.S. based on 65 different metrics, like the number of entertainment and recreation spots, nightlife and party venues and the cost of different activities. The goal was to find the cities with the most variety and financially friendly options.

Orlando got an overall score of 63.9 and even tied with four cities (Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago) for having the most restaurants per capita.

This research proves that there is so much more to do in the theme park capital of the U.S. than just go to… well, theme parks.

Orlando has also ranked third for the most dance clubs per capita after Las Vegas and San Francisco tied for first and second place.

Other Florida cities that made the top 15 are Tampa (No. 12) and Fort Lauderdale (No. 13).

Tampa tied with Honolulu, San Francisco and New Orleans for the most festivals per capita.

Fort Lauderdale has the most fitness centers and accessible bars per capita.

By: Jenna Kelley

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